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For MCAS Iwakuni Base patients,

Due to the sharp rise in recent on base COVID cases and base regulations, an appointment cancellation/rescheduling is required at our clinic to stop the spread of COVID.
We will mitigate our policy in accordance with base regulations.
Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation that Patients’ safety is our No1 priority.

Please refrain from visiting us if you have following symptoms:
-Close contact with COVID individual or there was a COVID outbreak at workplace or at home for the past 2 weeks
-Any one of your family members are infected Influenza or Norovirus for the past 3 days
-Above 37.5℃ fever
-Throat pain
-New loss of taste and smell
-Diarrhea, Vomiting or Nausea

Kiou Takamatsu Acupuncture and Moxibustion Clinic




Welcome to the homepage of Takamatsu acupuncture and moxibustion Clinic.
We are here to help you to have your life make healthier and fulfilled with smiles.
Our clinic specializes Japanese traditional medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion treatment.
Japanese acupuncture needle is very thin thus it gives the patients less pain.
We also keep our clinic hygienic clean by using disposal needles.
Although the basic idea of acupuncture and moxibustion treatment is to prevent disorders, it is effective to following symptoms and also it helps you recover from diseases quick.

Ex: Headache, lower back pain, joint pain, muscle pain and more Physical disorders (loss of appetite, constipation and insomnia)

In western countries, too, it is recognized as one of the alternative medicine techniques so as WHO and NIH has approved its benefit.
Although we don’t speak English fluently, we are happy to have all of you in our clinic.

For further questions, please visit us or contact us via Email.

Director Kiou Takamatsu

Introduce myself

Bachelor of acupuncture

Career history

  • Iwakuni-City, Yamaguchi, Japan (1980)
  • License of acupuncture and Moxibution (2001)
  • Bachelor of acupuncture, Meiji University of Integrative Medicine,Kyoto(2002)
  • Clinical training at Meiji University of Integrative Hospital (2002)
  • Mizushima clinic, Nagano(2003-2009)
    I was engaged in complementary treatment of Western medicine focusing on the effect of acupuncture treatment for Parkinson’s disease.
  • Hikarigaoka acupuncture clinic,Hiroshima (2009-2011)
    I was engaged in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases.
  • Takamatsu acupuncture and moxibution clinic open(2011)

About my family

There are three people in my family. (wife, son, and myself)

My hobby

Snow board, Tennis, Travel, Mountain-climbing, Photo, Reading,
Zen-meditation , Hand-copying sutra.

My favorite food

Seafood(sushi,sashimi), Ramen(shoyu), steak(midium), fruits(all),sweets, coffee, beer

My favorite words

If you can dream it, you can do it.(Walt Disney,)
There is always light behind the clouds.(Louisa May Alcott)



Acupuncture and moxibustion treatment
Initial Consultation fee 1,500yen.
Whole body treatment 6,000yen
Tickets (5sessions) 25,000yen 5,000yen/session
※Expiration date is 3 months
*Medical expenses not covered by insurance.
*Cash or Credit card.
*Tickets are valid for THREE months. Nonrefundable.

credit card

How to make a reservation

Please walk-in our clinic, or contact us via Inquiry Form.
>Inquiry Form
If you speak Japanese, please call us.

Cancellation policy
We require 24 hours notice (cancellation or any changes of your date/time)
prior to scheduled appointment.
If you repeatedly cancel your reservation or do not show up, we cannot have your future reservation.

Business Hours

Business Hours Mon Tue Web Thu Fri Sta Sun